AWS Credits - $5,000 in AWS Cloud credits valid for 2 years*

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AWS Activate Portfolio is a free program designed for startups and early stage entrepreneurs that provides AWS credits, AWS Support credits, training credits, exclusive offers, go-to-market support and more.

Activate Portfolio Benefits:
 • AWS Credits - $5,000 in AWS Cloud credits valid for 2 years*
• Technical Support - $1,500 in AWS Business Support plan credits valid for 1 year
• Training - 80 free credits for self-paced labs
• Exclusive Offers - Special offers available from trusted organizations such as Freshworks, Notion, Paytm, Airtable, Segment, HubSpot and Chargebee.
Eligibility:To apply for AWS Activate Portfolio, you must be a self-funded or funded startup (pre-seed, angel, seed or Series A), be affiliated with an AWS Activate Provider, have a company website and LinkedIn profile (applicant), and an AWS account.​​

Application Instructions:

1. Visit the AWS Activate webpage https://console.aws.amazon.com/activate/home/#/apply/portfolio to apply.
2. Use this Organization ID (case-sensitive) on your application form: 1hcWj(Note: This is NOT a promotional code that can be used in your Billing Console)
3. Complete the application form in full and submit–it only takes a few minutes to complete. Please ensure that you have an active company website and the information you provide matches the information contained within your AWS account (e.g. your company name and email address).
4. Look out for a confirmation email from AWS. It takes on average 7-10 business days to process your application. Once approved, you will receive a welcome email from [email protected] confirming that credits have been added to the AWS account used to apply.
*If you have previously received AWS credits, you might be topped up to highest eligible package (say if you have received $2,000 in AWS Cloud Credits through Activate in the past, you will get the remaining $3,000).
AWS Activate Credits expiration dates are based on the month credits were issued into your AWS Account after application approval. Please refer to the AWS Activate FAQ for more information.

To avail the deal, use this link: https://console.aws.amazon.com/activate/home/#/apply/portfolio

Also drop an email to [email protected] so that we can verify and approve the request.